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Company Overview


Message from the Chairman

Yasushi Kondo

As the number of foreign tourists continues to grow annually, particularly among travelers who prioritize comfort and safety, private car services have become an increasingly popular choice for transportation. Our company is dedicated to delivering exceptional private car services, enabling you to immerse yourself in the rich culture and breathtaking landscapes of Japan.


Company Profile

Corporate Name:      Rakutsu Co., Ltd.

Address:                   〒121-0061 Tokyo, Adachi-ku,
                                 Hanahata 3-21-8,
                                 Viewpoint 204

Tel:                            03-6913-8106

Fax:                           03-6913-8107


Date of Incorporation: September 2018

Amount of Capital:     9,900,000 Yen

Director:                     Yasushi Kondo

Business Scope:         Car Charter Service,
                                 Private and Group
                                 Customized Tours.

Related Companies
/Organizations:        Yoa International Co., Ltd
                                 International Institute of Infant
                                 Health Design
                                 International Society of Infant
                                 Physical Education

Clients:                      Ikeda Corporation,KKday,
                                 Activity Japan,GetYourGuide,
                                 MaFengWo, Ctrip, Fliggy

Business Locations:     Hokkaido, Tohoku,Kanto,
                                 Chubu,Kansai, Chugoku.

Branch Offices:          Yokohama Office,
                                 Tokyo Office,
                                 Hokkaido Office.

Corporate Philosophy and Vision

To all of you who are visiting this website:


Thank you for visiting our website! We greatly appreciate the opportunity to discuss our service philosophy and future outlook with you.

We are a specialized private charter service company that places a strong emphasis on delivering meticulous service and sincere hospitality. Our commitment is to provide a professional approach to our customers, continuously enhance our capabilities, and always keep our customers at the forefront of our development efforts. As we move forward into the future, embracing opportunities, challenges, and innovation, our aim is to create an even more refined service system.

We sincerely thank you for taking the time to explore our content. Below, we outline our future objectives.
The saying, "As long as the path is right, there's no fear of distance," serves as our guiding principle. We firmly believe that we can serve as a reliable bridge for our customers during their journeys, and we are dedicated to advancing toward this goal without hesitation. We will continue to radiate this belief in our industry.

We look forward to hearing from you!

Send completed.

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