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Vehicle Introduction

At our chauffeur company, we offer vehicles that prioritize the utmost comfort and luxury. Below, we would like to introduce our key vehicle models:

About our vehicle

A wide range of shuttle vehicles


6-seater Alphart

The Alphard is widely recognized as Toyota's luxury minivan, known for its sophisticated design and luxurious features. It offers a comfortable ride and spacious interior, making it an ideal choice for both families and business travelers.

9-seater Hiace

When it comes to pursuing a luxurious transportation experience, the Hiace is the optimal choice. It stands out with its expansive interior space and sophisticated design, combining comfort and style seamlessly. The Hiace's generous interior provides ample room to accommodate a considerable number of passengers and bulky cargo, making it ideal for various business needs.

​Made to Order

For the ultimate in luxurious transportation, there is no better option than a custom vehicle service. Tailored to your exact specifications, it allows you to create an ideal travel experience that perfectly suits your needs. With a fleet of meticulously crafted vehicles and exceptional service, it is the ideal choice for special events and business purposes alike.


Welfare equipment

We provide various types of welfare equipment for rental.

​Welfare vehicle

We offer welfare vehicles specifically designed for individuals with disabilities.

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